2022 Awardees

IDEATE Ireland announced the winners of the 2022 competition at a reception in the US Ambassador’s residence on Tuesday, 28th June 2022. Committed to enhancing cooperation, connection and mutual understanding on the island of Ireland, and to engaging with all communities and traditions around a shared passion for entrepreneurship and new venture development, the competition finale was an inspirational showcase of start-up talent emerging from third-level institutions.


Ideate Ireland Competition




First Runner-Up


Second Runner-Up


Our purpose is simple, to accelerate you through the early-stage of venture development with a set of repeatable tools and skills to give your start-up the best possible kick-start.

  • The Competition is open to undergraduates, post-graduates, recent graduates (two years or less), and researchers from third-level institutes, universities and research centres on the island of Ireland.
  • Teams should be resident on the island of Ireland at the time of application.
  • Teams should be at the pre-investment stage, i.e., have not taken equity investment at the date of application.
  • Specifically, we are looking for three things:
    • An individual or a team, with
    • An innovative product, service or technology, and
    • Global scalability potential to achieve international sales and create employment.

The only individuals who will have access to your application are Ideate Ireland assigned evaluators who have agreed to maintain confidentiality on all submissions. IP resides with the promoter and participating team. Note that a short description of your idea may, with your permission, be used in public documentation relating to the Competition As members of the Ideate Ireland community, students agree to abide by our shared values of honesty, integrity, respect for others and accountability for personal behaviour.

Selection Criteria

All applications are reviewed by multiple experts who then recommend up to ten teams to proceed to the next stage of the Competition.

Evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Has the problem or opportunity been clearly defined?
  • Is there an understanding of the target customer?
  • Is there a large, global market?
  • Can competitive advantage be created?
  • How will revenues generate revenues, and from whom?
  • What are the complementary skills and experience of the team?
  • What progress has been made to date?
  • Can the team make meaningful progress in 3 months?

If an idea is not selected to proceed, we are happy to schedule a call to offer feedback and direction to other start-up supports.


All finalists receive:

  • Detailed feedback from VC’s, entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Access to Ideate Ireland Alumni Network.
  • Complimentary hot desk space at The Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin and The Ormeau Baths in Belfast.
  • Complimentary access to Happy Scribe.
  • Complimentary access to OnePageCRM.
  • Ideate Ireland badge to display on a website.

2023 Timeline

February 2023

Applications Open

Expression of Interest

Express your interest for IDEATE Ireland 2023.

2022 Finalists

Cotter Agritech

Cotter Agritech has developed a system that uses advanced algorithms to enable farmers to transition from blanket treating animals with antiparasitic drugs to precise applications targeting only animals that need treatment. This reduces antiparasitic drug use by up to half, reducing costs, preventing drug resistance, and reducing biodiversity impacts.

Representing University College Cork


Giyst provides instant, automated video summaries of the essence of content using the latest AI and machine learning advances. Summaries drive four times more content discovery and maximise audience retention by keeping audiences engaged longer and increasing conversion rates.

Representing CeADAR Research Centre/University College Dublin


Indiecom is changing how mobile network coverage is mapped and tested by creating a new hardware and software solution that allows for quicker testing at a lower upfront cost. This enables customers to collect more data and make a better decisions about the future of their networks.

Representing Queen’s University Belfast


MetHEALTH provides a biomarker-based risk-stratification platform and associated digital health solution that can identify patients with complications of obesity, including heart disease and liver disease, that impacts clinical decision making and enhances delivery of personalised care for the individual.

Representing Nova/University College Dublin


Neurobell is developing a pocket-sized brain monitor with automated seizure detection for new-borns. Using patent-pending electronics and artificial intelligence, the Neurobell technology can be used by all neonatal ICU staff, ensuring timely monitoring and treatment.

Representing INFANT Research Centre/University College Cork


NeutroPredict is an eHealth-enabled device that allows chemotherapy patients to monitor their blood neutrophil levels at home with a simple finger prick. Patients can know if they’re at risk of life-threatening infection, whilst oncologists can re-schedule chemotherapy treatment if neutrophil counts are too low, saving the patient a trip to the hospital.

Representing National University of Ireland, Galway


pHetalSafe seeks to detect and prevent fetal hypoxia and assess fetal well-being during labour. The minimally invasive, multimodal device provides continuous lactate assessment, pH and other critical physiological variables, including fetal heart rate and temperature, providing practitioners with a robust, sensitive, and specific solution.

Representing INFANT Research Centre/University College Cork

Shirt in a Box

Shirt in a Box is an e-commerce business that supplies football fans with shirts from around the world through mystery products. Dedicated to disrupting the football industry, our innovative product puts the fan first.

Representing Queen’s University Belfast


SMARTProbe is a point-of-care breast biopsy system that can identify healthy,benign and suspected cancerous tissue, allowing radiologists to make better and more informed decisions in real-time during a biopsy, reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies and enabling a diagnosis for women in minutes as opposed to days.

Representing Tyndall National Institute


Vocalynx is a vocal health device that provides therapeutic impact for healthcare patients. Our portable, pressure adapting tool yields behaviour change through its real-time visual feedback. The therapies used with the aid of this tool prevent voice issues, remediate vocal strain, improve breath control, and strengthen the voice.

Representing University of Limerick

Past Finalists

2017 - 2022
  • Advanced Analytics Labs
  • Amara Therapeutics
  • Better Examinations (acquired)
  • Bionics
  • Carbon Harvesters
  • Change Donations
  • Connect the Dots
  • Cotter Agritech
  • Darwin + Goliath
  • Equine MediRecord
  • Giyst
  • Happy Scribe
  • Indiecom
  • jumpAgrade
  • Kids Speech Labs
  • Luminate Medical
  • Machine Eye
  • MyClinic365
  • Neurobell
  • NeutroPredict
  • OpinionX
  • Peckish
  • pHetalSafe
  • Safecility
  • SeamlessCARE
  • Sensi
  • Shirt in a Box
  • Signal Optimiser
  • SMARTProbe
  • Sula Health
  • Vocalynx
  • Whispr.AI/Lua (acquired by Beekeeper)
  • Zendra Health

Become Ireland’s Next BIG Thing!

Ideate Ireland Application
Application Process
  • Applications will open in February 2023.
  • Applications are considered on a competitive basis.
  • All IP resides with the promoter and team.
  • Teams should be available to participate in all workshop sessions.
Application Instructions
  • Applications must be submitted using the online link by the closing date and time.
  • Please be as succinct as you can and respect the suggested wordcount.
Tips & Advice
  • We accept everything from early-stage to more developed concepts so we strongly suggest that you submit an application.
  • You do not have to have set up a company to make an application.
  • You can have received grant assistance but should not have taken any equity investment in the idea.

Talk To Us

If you have a query in advance of your submission, please send us an email.

Entrepreneur Feedback

When asked what our greatest learning was, we answered EVERYTHING.

Testimonial Item

It challenged every assumption we had, and forced us to put the customer at the centre of what we did and why we did it.

Testimonial Item

If you want to stress test your business idea and make an honest go/no-go decision this is the right forum for you.

Testimonial Item

A stand out for me was the quality of the information provided.

Testimonial Item

The personal one-on-one contact is a real stand out strength to what made this programme so valuable.

Testimonial Item

The stage tasks were a tough test for the validity of our business idea.

Testimonial Item

Having such brilliant and supportive mentoring has helped us stay true to our vision.

Testimonial Item

Hearing from people who have had success and shared their experiences is invaluable.

Testimonial Item

We added a group of quality start-ups and entrepreneurs to our network.

Testimonial Item

Fascinating guest talks and general advice in terms of road mapping.

Testimonial Item

You will get further in 8 weeks than you could in 8 months on your own.

Testimonial Item
Each module opened our eyes to new ideas; each invited talk inspired us to drive our idea forward.
Testimonial Item

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Empowering Entrepreneurs

We believe that “a job is the best social philanthropy anyone can provide, and that every job starts with an entrepreneur”. Ideate Ireland is our way of supporting new ideas emerging from third-level institutions on the island of Ireland.

Founding Team

Bill McKiernan

William (Bill) S. McKiernan, whose grandfather hailed from Leitrim, is currently the President of WSM Capital LLC, a private equity fund focused on payment related businesses.

    Bill McKiernan

    President, WSM Capital

    Cian O'Flaherty

    Cian O’Flaherty is an entrepreneur, who began his current start-up Safecility as a member of the 2018 BPC cohort. A native of Kerry, Cian has grown Safecility in the Smart Building sector since 2019.

      Cian O'Flaherty

      CEO, Safecility

      Danny Moore

      Danny Moore, based in Belfast, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Options Technology, the number one provider of IT infrastructure to global Capital Markets firms, and is responsible for leading the firm's day-to-day global operations.

        Danny Moore

        CEO, Options

        David Moffitt

        David Moffitt, Dublin, is currently CEO of Kayfoam Woolfson. David began his career as a General Management Trainee with Smurfit Kappa and subsequently became the Irish Director of R.R. Donnelley before establishing Tech Group Europe.

          David Moffitt

          CEO, Kayfoam

          Helen Fullen

          Helen Fullen, hailing from County Down, is an internationally recognised expert in early-stage entrepreneurial venture development and the architect of a robust pre-accelerator programme model.

            Helen Fullen

            CEO, Alinea

            Steering Group

            In-Kind Investors

            We are committed to enhance cooperation, connection and mutual understanding on the island of Ireland and to engage with all communities and traditions to build consensus around a shared passion for entrepreneurship and new venture development.

            Invest NI
            OnePage CRM
            Ormeau Baths
            Ormeau Baths

            Academic Partners




            Academic Partners





            Our Vision
            Our Vision
            Our vision is to be the catalyst that turns brilliant ideas into thriving international businesses.
            Our Mission
            Our Mission
            Fuelled with renewed energy, dynamism and fresh thinking, Ideate Ireland’s mission is to capture the imagination of the brightest minds and help promising entrepreneurs to make a lasting contribution to social goals, employment and the economy.
            Our Values
            Our Values

            We are guided by key values in our mission to support entrepreneurs and innovation.

            We are driven by the power of ideas to change the world.

            We are as excited and ambitious about our entrepreneurs’ projects as they are.

            We know great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere, and we are open to all.

            We do the right thing, do our best, and tell it as it is.

            We use a rigorous entrepreneurship methodology designed for sustainable results.

            We are always learning and refining our approach to share with future cohorts.

            We support an entrepreneur-led journey of personal and professional growth.

            We cultivate long-term relationships and share our collective networks.

            We give back and pay it forward to make the journey easier for all.

            Your Brand
            Your Brand
            Ideate Ireland creates a strong platform for entrepreneurs to flourish. The bold appearance of the letter ‘i’ represents the strength of Ideate Ireland’s enlightenment, and the bravery of our participants.

            The brand icon represents pathways, showing the different avenues that arise from engaging with Ideate Ireland to achieve your vision. This pinpoints an entrepreneur in a certain direction, with diverse options to success—helping you along on your journey.

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